Will it work for me?

The best way to tell you how Neuroptimal neurofeedback works is to hear from others…

What People Say

I’ve tried every kind of traditional and alternative method of treating my PTSD and nothing worked on all aspects of it until NeurOptimal. I would have been happy just to have an improvement in my symptoms, never thinking it might be possible to remove them completely.

Katie – after 40 sessions

Just a short note to say how grateful I am and how much better my sleep is…

Emma – after 10 sessions

In the beginning the benefits of the session would last for a bit, but then revert back. After 8 sessions it lasted for 2 days. After session 11, there was a significant improvement – he came downstairs later in the day and said he was just able to sit and work on a project he had been avoiding for 2 days. He’s now been getting himself up in the morning by 9am to work on song-writing instead of sleeping until 12pm and being mad at himself later.

Mother of teenager with emotional regulation problems