call to awakening: reframing mental distress as a potential catalyst for positive change

These films are about our individual and collective awakening and how we can use crisis to awaken and find our calling in order to make the world a better place. The series of short films were inspired by and made during the COVID-19 pandemic, about our times and how to navigate a changing world.

They are created from the interviews of those who themselves have experienced transformation, and now work in fields from psychology to human rights and spiritual healing.

The first short film ‘THE AWAKENING’ is about how we can individually use this current crisis to awaken and transform.

The second short film ‘THE CALL’ is about how we can take that inner work and start to do the work outside, finding our purpose and working collectively together.

The evening will include an interactive discussion about these concepts with the opportunity for the audience to reflect, feedback and discuss ideas for the 3rd film, The Vision.

You need to register to receive the zoom link to enable access to the event:…/call-to-awakening-crisis…

Find out more about this film series and watch the trailer:

To join this event please register for a free ticket. You will receive the zoom link with your confirmation email. We look forward to seeing you there, Sacred Earth Activism team & Production team: Sameer, Katie and Julian x

This event is free, but we welcome donations for the making of the 3rd part via GoFundMe;

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